Suddenly we had an increased communication with the shopping centre landlord due to the simplicity of it all.
— Managing Director

We upgraded from beam counters and instantly saw an increase in visits because of increased accuracy.
— Assistant Centre Manager

People counters are a long term investment. Enter year 4 and the trends are astounding.
— Director

It’s such an improvement to have analysis at your fingertips.
— Marketing Manager

Marketing shopping centres just became more fun!
— Marketing Manager

It’s great to have a simple install and low-cost provider.
— Centre Manager

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Each year we count we get another layer deeper into the data.
— Special Projects Officer

The people counters give us objective data for our placemaking and events.
— Strategic Planner
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We are accountable for increased activity in Jull Street Mall and the people counter measures it.
— Community Development and Events Manager

We work harder to make the pedestrian environment as walkable as it can be.
— Road Safety Officer

By installing people counters we make sure foot traffic is measured.

Place management is a new discipline with new needs and that needs new tools.
— Place Manager

Most of our business plan is based around foot traffic now.
— Project Officer

Data from around the city that’s a big use to our members.

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We need tools to measure our success in creating a pedestrian-friendly environment.
— Committee Member

Businesses need information on local trends that people counters provide.
— President

This is useful information that the whole city can use.
— President

If we are to get renewed funding through our Board of Directors we need to display visitor numbers.
— Adrian Griffiths

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