Well, That Went Well

That went well. All of November's people counting reports are tucked away warmly in their client's desks.

And I will do that again. I will blog about charts as I create them.

In the meantime, I've begun a summary-chart, comparing all counters in my network - a League Table, if you like.

Below: People counting totals in Perth for the month of November, 2013

A Beautiful City in the news

It's great!  I was interviewed by Rosanna Candler of the Western Suburbs Weekly last week and the results are now published for all to see ...

  • Our first people counter, installed for David Maxwell of the Subiaco Retailers Association, is creating curiosity and that's good for A Beautiful City and me but it's also good for the community.
  • Our people-counting services were born in order to 'save' what we call traditional high streets.
  • They provide a critical measure, just like what every shopping centre depends upon, for community vitality, attracting and retaining new businesses, marketing and 'taking the tempertaure' on the health of your high street.

There's so much more to say about that.  That chat happens at your dinner tables, espresso bars and local news everywhere.

In the meantime, listen to Rosanna Candler by reading her article here.

Retail Vacancy Rates in Our Town Centres

Yesterday was a day of shopfront measurement for people-counter installations.

Bay View Terrace Claremont, Albany Highway in East Victoria Park, King Street Perth and Rokeby Road Subiaco were all streets which got a visit from A Beautiful City.

How unusual, but delightful, to run into an old friend recording vacancy rates in Rokeby Road.

Colin and I passionately talked about retail, business district management and local government, and we then went our own ways.

Above: Colin Nichol recording vacancy rates in our High Streets - at Bella Hart Beauty Emporium, 151 Rokeby Road, Subiaco Australia

How to attract and retain people to our business districts

In order to retain people's interest in our business districts, placemaking by retailers must be cognisant of our need to feel safe, comfortable and interested.

Creating and showcasing depth in your shop expands the visual landscape for the visiting public.

Whether we are buying or not today, you are showing off your whole district by visually stimulating the passer-by.

You are giving light to a darkened street and adding volume to the visual buffet so people are attracted and retained.

Above: Shopfront, visual merchandising and lighting choices by Bed Bath N' Table, 165 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, Australia.

Below: The same by Dallimore's, 173 Rokeby Road.