It's Superb!

I love this.

A jolly mintox Octopus Sign.

Beautifully conceived and prepared: The preparation of the building in white is just as important as the fine, grey octopus.

Every councillor must understand how signage affects their disctrict, for good and for bad.

And this is a good one.

And, oh - look: a Ford Falcon something-or-other done in burnt tobacco racing green.

Hooked Healthy Seafood, 172 Chapel Street, Windsor, Australia

And here's Chapel Street, Windsor. A bit. From Duke's Coffee Roasters, 169 Chapel Street.

Followed by a shop-a-dog down the road at Surace Fresh, 233 Chapel Street, Prahran

Town of Claremont A Beautiful City's newest client

I (we) are pleased to announce that Stephen Goode, Brian Kavanagh, Ashley Edwards and the team at the Town of Claremont have engaged A Beautiful City to provide their people counting services.

The Town of Claremont's main drag is Bay View Terrace which is a beautiful row of about 50 retail shops.

Did you know that retail rents in Bay View Terrace are among the highest in the country?

We will be installing two pedestrian counters in Bay View Terrace.

In fact, the first one is already in.  With the cooperation of David Johns, Megan and Caroline at Empire Homewares, plus the landlords - the Deveroux family - we have been counting people at their location since Friday 12 July this year.

Our second counter will be installed shortly and I will update you soon.

Below: Our people counter installation at Empire Homewares, 12 Bay View Terrace, Claremont, Australia, plus: Super-Chubbs fraternising with the locals at Claremont News.

More shop-a-dogs

If people are willing to walk to the shopping areas with their tiny, inoffensive puppy dogs, then tie them up whilst they do the shopping so people can talk to them - then that's a sign that they're comfortable in your street.

Spices Supermarket, 28 Hampden Road, Nedlands, Australia


Shop-a-dog 5

People counters do count dogs and little babies because they respond to our body heat (the counters, that is!).  (Actually, the babies and dogs do too.)

It's important to count babies and dogs.

They are members of the community and the economy too.

Greens and Co, 133 Oxford Street, Leederville, Australia

Shop-a-dog 1

Another new segment ...  This one to laugh at dogs, shopping ...

When dogs are well groomed and well behaved it creates a point of beauty and interest and diversity.

Their owners are to be congratulated for choosing to bring their dogs to the shops for our enjoyment, and for the dogs being so well behaved too.

Some chap at Bar Orient - 39 High Street, West End, Fremantle, Australia.

And his dog.

(More shop-a-dogs)