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Mainstreet Rejuventation Through Innnovative Management

I am proud to say I have been working with Arthur Kyron and Ben Rose of the Town of Victoria Park in their programs to rejuventate their mainstreets.

A Beautiful City people counting systems are now in East Victoria Park and Victoria Park - two locations penetrated by the enormous and fantastic Albany Highway mainstreet.

The below quote is supplied by the town's Strategic Projects Consultant, Mr Ben Rose:

"How do you measure the health of a mainstreet?  Vibrancy and activity are often used as subjective measures, but how do we put objectivity and robust conclusions into those often subjective observations?

Physically counting the number of people using the space, at any given point in time, and over time, gives us (the mainstreet administrators) the best available information for making important decisions relating to the mainstreet.

Are visitation rates up, are they down, how do they compare to this time last year, what are the annual trends like, what is the busiest day of the week, busiest hour of the day?.....all of these questions can be answered through people counting.  The Town of Victoria Park invested in two people counters in 2012-13 and will be looking to extend its network of data-gathering with more units in 2013-14, thereby enabling better informed decisions for the continued revjuvenation and activation of the Albany Highway mainstreet."

Below: Another stunning piece of public art improving the town centre of East Victoria Park.

For more information on A Beautiful City's people counting system for mainstreets, please visit our people counting page or our people counting articles.

More Streetfront Improvement by a Retailer


Above: It's the choices of the retailer and the permissions or non-interference of the local authority and landlord which effect improvements in the community: the public realm, the pedestrian network - the safety, comfort and interestingness of our neighbourhoods and districts.

Zingongo Gallery, 47 Lefroy Road, South Fremantle, Australia

Stunning Public Artwork in Claremont

Above: The choices of the local authority, retailer and landlord combine to create a significantly more interesting streetscape in this location.

Customers are attracted to vibrant neighbourhoods, where the retail landscape is constantly changing, is locally distinct, on-the-move, and has a 'leading edge' which creates opportunities for all - the customer included.

All these outcomes can be accelerated through quality place management.

Public Art by Kyle Hughes-Odgers on the side of Zomp Shoes, 2 Bay View Terrace, Claremont, Australia.

Preventable Business Destruction

Above: We sometimes permit 'the community' to it's 'free expression' and forget it sometimes results in community destruction.

In this circumstance, someone has fly-posted their message using glue. This poster will not come off easily and the glue disfigures the wall of the business.

This sends an unwanted message to customers that the business does not care about the area. And if this is the case, why would the customers come back here?

So the business must then rectify. This costs money, staff time and management time, which should be spent in increasing community participation, not remedying destruction.

Should local governments step up and spearhead legislation (if need be) which makes the promoter and then the venue responsible for this kind of damage?

Sienna's of Leederville, 115 Oxford Street, Leederville, Australia

Sleepless A Beautiful City Counts People to Go to Sleep

I can't help myself.

When I've had a surplus of sleep and I'm awake at 3am and ready to go, I don't go to the beach or do a workout.

I drive to our business districts, taking people-counter measurements and photos, and admiring our economies whilst they're asleep.

This is what your mainstreets looked like at 4am.

Below: Mimco, 673 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley

Below: The Daily Planet, 634 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley

Below: Street cleaning at the The Northbridge Arch, corner of James and Lake Street, Northbridge

Below: Catholic Church, and the Central Institute of Technology Arts Building, with mural, at 12 Aberdeen Street, Northbrdge

Below: Our famous cockatoos, corner of Newcastle and William Streets, Northbridge

Below: The Good Store, 363 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

Below: Saffi Belle, 28 Market Street, Fremantle.  Seen in an A Beautiful City design blog.

Below: Remedy and Clara, 95 High Street, Fremantle

More People Counters For Perth

I am pleased to announce that the Town of Victoria Park has committed to two people-counters for their interesting and vibrant communities on Albany Highway Vic Park and East Vic Park.

Another Great Reason Visit The Great Outdoors - (The City)

Cockatoo Mural at Emma's Seafood Yong Tofu, 319 William Street (corner Newcastle Street), Northbridge, Australia

A previous shot, care of Google Earth.