Men At Work Maintaining Mainstreets

Men At Work Maintaining Mainstreets

These chaps are from the Freo Men's Shed in White Gum Valley and are in central Fremantle, Australia, removing stickers and bits from an electrical switching box or something on the corner of High Street Mall and Market Street.

The gents are paid by the local government's 'City Works' department and they attack the city centre street by street and perform general and routine maintenance, as well as deliver recommendations to City Works on other items, such as footpath repairs, linemarking or other objects which must be attended to maintain a sustainable central business district.

You Will Never Have Economy Without Community - And Vice Versa

Above: This is one of my favourite photos because it shows a community of gentlemen in the centre of public life.

The image of the retired gent sitting on a park bench arguing about football or politics, or playing chess with his friends, makes up a huge part of the mainstreet myth and ideal, and I know it's an image thousands of mainstreets want to capture for themselves.

So thank you 'Gino's', 1 South Terrace, Fremantle, Australia, because retailers drive public life and you're doing that.

And you can download the A Beautiful City report for more about that.

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People come to well maintained places.

Landlords, tenants and governments who maintain their cities must be commended.

Attract more people with a well maintained public realm.

Welder in the Smart Street Mall, Mandurah, Australia

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Medicare Gets A Wash

Isn't it good to see?  Two workmen cleaning a shop window.

But those awnings aren't any good - see why ...  And also, Medicare has two shopfronts - one is entirely blocked out though.  Naughty.

Medicare, 39 Adelaide Street, Fremantle, Australia

The man starts under an old awning - then goes past Medicare which has the 'new' awing style - little bits of steel girder poking out of a building ...

When the man crosses the road, you are looking at 'old' awnings, which keep us dry!

Thingz To Do

Great to see that there's a workman touching up failed mortar at Thingz in Fremantle.  It could be organised by the Landlord, or by the tenant - Thingz.  Either way, it's all good.

Good to see. A step in the right direction!

Thingz, 6 Adelaide Street, Fremantle, Australia

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This is another new segment which highlights the physical work done in and around our mainstreets.  I wanted to highlight this as it is becoming rarer to see people physically at work in the city, using their hands.

This was brought to my attention as I was watching the film Julie and Julia, which juxtaposes two eras: New York in the 2000's and Paris in the 1940's.  The film was about foodies.

The 1920's Paris scenes were full of butchers, fruiterers and other professionals directly engaging with us on the high street.

These images show that workers for children to look up to is no longer inside the shops so much - it's in maintenance of shops.  It's still wonderful and there to be enjoyed.

Enjoy ...

Prosser and Scott Funeral Directors, 37 Adelaide Street, Fremantle, Australia.

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