Kids in the Economy

Five More Reasons To Have Schools in Your City

This is what happens when you mix uses and have education / schools in the central business district and retail areas of your city.

  1. The kids see the community and economy at work - not like being stuck in a yellow field in Canning Vale.
  2. The community and economy gets more people within their realm - that's good.
  3. The bonds between the local retail community and the growing population increase.
  4. The place becomes safer as kids and retailers get to know each other.
  5. Hey look - they're walking around.

Above: corner of High and Pakenham Streets in Fremantle, Australia.

Kids in the Economy

We want our kids to get out of the house and jump into life.

Joining the economy is a great way to do it.

These kids made about $56 on that day and sold lots of refreshments to two young neighbours who were moving in down the road.  Perfect.

Of course - the street is activated, neighbours get to know each other and the children learn new skills.

They learn about visual merchandising, dealing with strangers, mathematics, the thrill of the chase, dealing with disappointment, observing people's behaviour and working in a team.

And this all happened on their street, so no more long car journeys for the parents to a 'recreation area'.

No ones time is wasted and the city becomes a little bit better.

Kids in the economy - makes your heart swell

To have a child transport itself independently around your city is a real boon.

Would this kid travel if his parents didn't think it was safe?  No.

Success, then.

Elizabeth's Bookshop, 6 South Terrace, Fremantle, Australia

Kids lost in the city

Shopping centres are so attractive to young families because you aren't going to get squashed by a car inside.

This photo was taken in a pedestrian only retail area in Fremantle - the High Street Mall.  It provides the security mum needs.

This mum was giggling wildly whilst her junior played with her sunglasses and the other one rummaged through Dymocks' stock.

Managing a two and a five year old in town can be deadly.  Managing a laugh though - that's a sign of a successful retail place.

Kids in the economy

Isn't is great to see people dressing up to come to town?

A city with a great pedestrian realm will attract little ones and their carers.

Attracting children and their parents is a great way to increase foot traffic.

Boy in a box near Raine & Horne Real Estate, 177 High Street, Fremantle, Australia

Shop-a-dog 5

People counters do count dogs and little babies because they respond to our body heat (the counters, that is!).  (Actually, the babies and dogs do too.)

It's important to count babies and dogs.

They are members of the community and the economy too.

Greens and Co, 133 Oxford Street, Leederville, Australia