More Streetfront Improvement by a Retailer


Above: It's the choices of the retailer and the permissions or non-interference of the local authority and landlord which effect improvements in the community: the public realm, the pedestrian network - the safety, comfort and interestingness of our neighbourhoods and districts.

Zingongo Gallery, 47 Lefroy Road, South Fremantle, Australia

If You Don't Want To Die, Build Tall Shops

This is Babushkas Russian and Eastern European Gifts and Jewellery, in the Royal Arcade in Melbourne.

The arcade is 10.97m high (36'). That's tall.

You can see that the arcade is bright and beautiful and people have a really good time there.  Do you think the arcade will be fully leased and looking beautiful if it was a tightly ceilinged, 2.70m-high hovel?  No.

If it wasn't for the arcade's height and beautiful design - that's all surfaces, floors, walls, ceilings and all inbetween, then it would have more vacancies and more hoodies spitting on the floor. Then the shopping centre would be abandoned. Then the owner would keep it boarded up for 15 years whilst he saved his money and worked out what to do. By then the hoodies would have grown up and be running rent-free businesses in the arcade breaking people's legs. Then the owner will abandon it. Then it will fall down, causing derilication in the street. Then no businesses will want to open in the neighbourhood. Then other landlords in the street will avoid their maintenance - why shouldn't they?  Then existing businesses will get fed up and eventually leave.  Then the city will become deserted, allowing blight, crime and disease to thrive. Then we will all die.

There. So, if you don't want to die, build tall shops.

Below: Babushkas: 3.40m (11'2") tall to the top of the window frameBelow: Royal Arcade, 10.97m high (36')

A Beautiful Piece Of Design

Thank you Saffi Belle.

It's important to recognise that not only is this a beautiful piece of design but it also:

  • Functions as a piece of ecological sustainability (paper versus plastic).
  • Promotes the business as shoppers walk away with it.
  • Makes the place look good (so many retailers still give supermarket bags to customers!)

Saffi Belle, 28 Market Street, Fremantle, Australia

Thingz To Do

Great to see that there's a workman touching up failed mortar at Thingz in Fremantle.  It could be organised by the Landlord, or by the tenant - Thingz.  Either way, it's all good.

Good to see. A step in the right direction!

Thingz, 6 Adelaide Street, Fremantle, Australia