To the beach

On a better note in Frankston, this delightful sign greets you as you step off the train.  I assume the buses near the sign go to the beach.

Unfortunately for Frankston, it's all pretty much downhill from there.  It's the people, I think.  It is very feral.

It was like being let loose in a prison yard at lunchtime.

As I stepped off the train and headed to the gates one guy just jumped them.  Given that I'm completely anal, I brought this to the attention of a ticket-ripper lady nearby. "Oh, I can't do anything about that," she said, "I just rip the tickets."

Dandy.  My first 60 seconds in Frankston included a fare dodger and a 'not my department' lady.  I could see that it was my job to subsidise the town in intelligence, hard work and care, so I gave her $200 and told her to take the rest of the day off.

I would like to know more about who made the sign and cost.


Probably the most disgusting Gloria Jeans in the world

You will not believe this.  Probably the most disgusting Gloria Jeans in the world.  I'm sorry to Gloria Jeans, I know Gloria Jeans people.

I can't belive that all those feathers on the ground are actually bird feathers - I thought there was a pillow fight in the lane - but my host assured me they were from the coastal gulls.

The bird shit extends all over the Toys'R'Us signage next door and which is part of the Bayside Shopping Centre.

I would be pleased to tell them (for a nominal fee of $100,000) that a great way to keep people coming back to your centre and thus to underwrite the investment is to reduce shit all over the entry to 999,999 parts to a million.

Gloria Jeans, Shannon Street Mall, Frankston, Australia