Tiny Tables #3

Cimbalino Espresso, 16 Napoleon Street, Cotetsloe, Australia

Yes, I'm a tiny table fetishist.  Why?  Because they're romantic, beautiful, and scare away smelly people.

Big picnic benches are for leftover pie wrappers, chicken bones and abandoned Masters cartons.

Tiny tables are for espresso, sex, books and music.

So if you - yes, you in local government - want your street to be excitable, sexy, well educated and with rhythm, spend money on expert human resources to hunt down retailers who know the seductive secret of tiny tables.

We must connect the dots ...

Cottesloe offers a brilliant shopping street and a beautiful beach.  We must connect the dots ...

This is Cottesloe Beach, but unfortunately she's a difficult bike ride from Napoleon Street - Cottesloe's prime shopping precinct.

The bike lanes are minimal or non existent, and footpaths are interrupted by driveways and side streets.  There is no contiguous cycling- or even high quality walking-networks between the two.

Car travel between the two is easiest (parking permitting) given that several large roads connect them.

But travel between them by other means, such as by foot and bicycle, must be made easier by improving infrastructure.  (They are about a kilometre apart.)

Cottesloe's economy is centred around Napoleon Street, and Cottesloe Beach is one of Western Australia's trophy beaches.

The local economy must encourage and facilitate the transfer of people between the two.

Cottesloe beach is great for young people (without driving licences) and visitors to the state without a car ...

Cottesloe has an opportunity to make connectivity with one of the state's most popular beaches and its retail heart much easier - especially for the age groups not yet old enough to drive.

If you have any intelligence or discussion on this, please include me in the conversation.

Thank you ...

Dome Coffees, 19 Napoleon Street, Cottesloe