Kids in the economy - makes your heart swell

To have a child transport itself independently around your city is a real boon.

Would this kid travel if his parents didn't think it was safe?  No.

Success, then.

Elizabeth's Bookshop, 6 South Terrace, Fremantle, Australia

Kids lost in the city

Shopping centres are so attractive to young families because you aren't going to get squashed by a car inside.

This photo was taken in a pedestrian only retail area in Fremantle - the High Street Mall.  It provides the security mum needs.

This mum was giggling wildly whilst her junior played with her sunglasses and the other one rummaged through Dymocks' stock.

Managing a two and a five year old in town can be deadly.  Managing a laugh though - that's a sign of a successful retail place.

Run, don't walk, to New Edition bookshop now

Imagine the best bookshop in the southern hemisphere, according to Tim Rogers.

Then imagine incorporating a brilliantly designed espresso bar on a sub-lease - The Grumpy Sailor.  This is a difficult feat including many headaches with all the landlord negotiations and council approvals.  Thank goodness the City of Fremantle gives permissions to high quality retail design and street activation.

Lastly, place a fashion shop in the rear of the huge bookshop.  The result is Velvet Sushi who now occupies the former bank safe and sells high quality fashion and accessories whilst the hubbub of the espresso and bookworming goes on all around.

Other cities and shopping centre managers - run, don't walk, to Velvet Sushi now and suck it up.

Deborah McKendrick in Velvet Sushi, 82 High Street, Fremantle, Australia