It's Now December

It's now December, and we beaver around ponds of pedestrian data for November and publish it.

This month is different.

Since July we've been doing this, and each time it's a private excitement which I'm no longer going to hide! So I am writing mini-articles as I go (it might take three days to collate and publish all our reports) which publish my insights (into whatever) as we go.

I recent had a look at the statistics for this site and realised we have quite a chunky number of readers. Instantly that strangled me. I want to maintain relevance and quality whilst being un-boring.

So you have to tell me how I go. OK?

Tracer Mk3 at St George Bank, 21 Adelaide Street, Fremantle, Australia

Nissan Figaro on High Street

We spoke to the owner.  Her husband's a plumber.  They emigrated from England four years ago.  She found the car in England.  She paid AUS$20,000 for it.  She had it restored.

Nissan Figaro at NAB, High Street Fremante, Australia.  See more Nissan Figaro's here.