Three things 'Heritage' gives us in Managing our Business Districts

This shopfront sign in Bay View Terrace is a beauty.

It is on the Westpac Bank and is a great innovation.

It describes the local business history of the people.

What do you get when you are given history or 'heritage'?

  1. Distinctiveness: things that are unique to your place are the stories.  They cannot be replicated elsewhere and this makes your place more interesting and competitive.
  2. Entertainment: discovering local, distinct stories is fun.  Placing them among the business district is a relieving contrast to the day's shopping or daily errands.  Business-stories are fascinating to people too - everyone has their own story of the 'shops in the olden days' - even if that was 2001!
  3. Comfort - a sense that people care enough to recall and display local stories reminds us that this place is all about community - the economy is just a sweet by-product of that.

Thank you, Westpac.

Above: Shopfront detail on the Westpac Bank, 27 Bay View Terrace in Claremont, Australia.