I'm Not A Dobber

But it's pretty bad when the disabled and baby change room/toilet in the shopping centre - the only one - has no lock on its door. 

It's missing - stolen or broken off.

No one 'owns' this centre - it's strata titled, meaning it's managed by a co-op. These things happen but can be solved in under 2 hours.

This is a safety as well as an etiquette concern. It's also illegal, if I'm being nasty, under (probably) the local health code and (definitely) under the Strata Titles Act 1985.  

The door is badly 'patched' with ply and has the type of messages on it that really freak shoppers out so I don't think the cleaner-management-repair system is working well.

Who cares? Me sometimes.

A Beautiful City solves.  


The Stunning Architecture Of Perth's Inner North

They say it's because of the old tram networks that Perth's inner north is so beautiful. 

Spokes from Perth city centre delivered residents to new suburbs all those years ago.

General Motors and Joe Hockey ripped up those tram lines now, but the roads left behind follow the 'ancient' networks that look like quaint streets to us today.

Their stunning walkability increases residential investment and care and, to me at least, these images are a wonder.

These 3 houses, all within 20 metres of each other. 


A Wheelchair, A Shopfront And A Beautiful Shop

I'm quite digging this phone shop in Leederville. 

Having worked with these landlords before I know they would have insisted on a thoughtful - and professional - fit out. Which it looks like.  

A bit weird that last night's newspaper is still at the stoop. And I'm unsure if a step without a ramp complements accessibility laws - but perhaps a wheelchair can get up there? (Not an electric one, actually.)

What business is it of mine? None, maybe.  

I know these landlords have done a lot in the interests of Leederville and perhaps flooding is an issue.  

I don't want to cause a fight. Just noticing.  

I support reasonable development and hate to impose costs that stymie common sense.  

Over to you. 

Yeah, but if I'm being fussy I would ensure my staff always check the shopfront before opening and during the day.