People Counting

Increased Footfall Over 2 Years

It's a remarkable story that the Town of Victoria Park has committed to digitally count hourly foot traffic for over two years.

The results are pictorially demonstrated and, fortunately, show demonstrative and constant year-on-year growth in the most important places.

Every town manager looking to increase visitor traffic must have discrete and 'identity free' technology in their places to give overall health checks and therefore informed decisions and better place planning. 

Their investment of under $20,000 has given confidence. Retailers are happy; investment confidence rises; and future collaborative projects between the Town and the community are underway. 

Rises in footfall are a beautiful thing and you can get started today. 

12.72% increase yoy, proved over 12 months. Click to view.

A Retail Community In Pictures

No two mainstreets are the same.

1,372,511 people were counted in October across 11 of Perth's mainstreets.

See how Monday to Sunday varies for each mainstreet by clicking ahead.

A Preview Of A Beautiful Mainstreet


Hampden Road and 'Broadway' are two small strips with some great retail design.

You'll see evidence of clever signage solutions, unique footpath arrangements, stunning architecture and much more.

Please click ahead and enjoy the story.

Being within cooee of University of Western Australia (Broadway) and Hollywood Hospital (Hampden Road) these two strips have a sustainable source of commercial activity (if managed well).

A Beautiful City place management finds existing and incoming retailers who provide the best economic development.

Intelligent retail design engages the community beyond the need for essential services and creates lasting activity that keeps social innovation churning.

There is no other place you will see such bang-for-your-buck social innovation than in a mainstreet.

A well managed mainstreet, that is.  An A-Beautiful-City-Managed mainstreet, I should say.


I am pleased to introduce the City of Nedlands as our newest client, meaning they will enjoy people counting data in two of their mainstreets for the next 12 months.

We installed a people counter in Hampden Road, Nedlands in June this year and the second is scheduled for 'Broadway', Nedlands this month.

Already there is a characteristic lunchtime peak in the Nedlands counting. It's from the Grey's Anatomy crowd at the Hollywood Hospital. It's very predicable and you can set your clock by it.

You could set your clock by the Mon-Fri midday peak.

The strip of Hampden Road and Broadway, Nedlands.


Nicholas and A Beautiful City provide confidential, fee-for-service, consultation and coaching services to town councils, retailers and centre owners to create sustainable businesses, organisations and environments. Please feel free to use this form for enquiries.

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Which Mainstreet Is For You?

Over 1,250,711 million people were counted in August to show average hourly footfall in 9 of Perth's mainstreets.

Click ahead and enjoy.

You would expect changes in the volumes of traffic in each location but you may not have considered that each place has its own hourly pattern.

East Victoria Park has heavy evening footfall. Should they attract more daytime retailers to prevent closed storefronts in the day? Or should they drag their daytime retailers into the night-time economy to suit local conditions?

Take an A Beautiful City consultation to find out.


Nicholas and A Beautiful City provide confidential fee-for-service consultation and coaching services to town councils, retailers and centre owners to create sustainable businesses, organisations and environments. Please feel free to use this form for enquiries.

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Incredible Foot Traffic Increase, Year-On-Year

In July 2013 The Town of Victoria Park was our first people counting client, which now gives them over a year of community-activity data in their beautiful Albany Highway.

Albany Highway, East Victoria Park, is a precinct of incredible cafes, restaurants and independent retailers.

Above: A beautiful piece of art at the shops in East Victoria Park.

Above: A beautiful piece of art at the shops in East Victoria Park.

Our pedestrian counting equipment has been in the East Victoria Park shopping area since July 2013 and it was with great delight that 'July' and 'August' 2014 rolled over.


Now we can see - really see - if community activity has risen year-on-year in this location, because that is the holy grail of community and economic development.

Well, it has.

Above: A proven 30% increase in foot traffic, year-on-year, in East Victoria Park.

The Town of Victoria Park has asked A Beautiful City to distribute the monthly pedestrian data we collect to the good retailers of Albany Highway. So, starting soon, we will be in these fine precincts to introduce the AHA! (Albany Highway Activation project), which has delivered this professional data measurement via A Beautiful City's pedestrian counters.

In the meantime, download the current reports of these two amazing precincts:

East Victoria Park pedestrian data

East Victoria Park pedestrian data

Victoria Park pedestrian data

Victoria Park pedestrian data

Customer Traffic Increases 9.68% In Victoria Park: Report

Victoria Park recorded an increase of 9.68% in foot traffic over the last three months. Our people counter was installed as a joint project with the Town of Victoria Park.

It records movement of people without taking any personal data. It has a life span of 25 years, so we have many trends to enjoy in the future.

If you would like a people counter in your environment, please contact us.

We have the confidence of local retailers, and we know their desires.

Rising foot traffic is one of them.


"I find it fascinating what you're offering and it's soooo needed" Hali - Halka B Organics

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Find Out Some Benefits Of People Counting

East Victoria Park Footfall Up 13.56% In The Last Three Months

East Victoria Park Footfall Up 13.56% In The Last Three Months

"Physically counting the number of people using the space, at any given point in time, and over time, gives us (the mainstreet administrators) the best available information for making important decisions relating to the mainstreet." Mr Ben Rose, Strategic Projects Consultant, Town of Victoria Park.

"I would love to have a solution outside all our stores if possible one day"  Giro Maurici, Chocolateria San Churro

Get started with a people counting solution of your very own.

Claremont's Pop-Up Festival Makes Spaghetti Fruit Loops. And Soufflé

I haven't re-compensated the latter graph in each of these profiles.

But I suspect that Thursday the 27th's (March) Pop-Up Festival is what's giving us such green mountains, here.

We have two counters in Claremont, installed with the co-operation of Stephen Goode, Brian Kavanagh and Ashley Edwards at the Town of Claremont. These counters provide 24/7 data of who's using Claremont's town centre.

Claremont Now are a Town of Claremont and business community management body, providing precinct marketing: place management, I'd like to call it.

Of course, one of these functions is the accurate counting of shoppers, customers or even normal people all day, every day.

The counting equipment is non-invasive and definitely doesn't record any personal information. You just appear as a blob on the screen; so does your dog, actually, because my counters only read body heat.

I have been asked to provide quotes for a state government project using WiFi-pinging.

That is where we invade your mobile phone. That's nearly illegal in some countries so I don't do that.



Spaghetti western, alphabetti, fruit loop style. This is the prettiest graph we make.

What we do is we take all the bits and bobs - bytes and bits - that the counters produce and extrapolate them into every hour of the month - so that's about ... lots (OK, adding up here ... 24 X 31 = (310 + 310 + [4 x 31 = 124]) = 620, 744 hours).

744 hours.

We then allocate each block of twenty-four hours to its day of the week and, hey presto, we get the average hourly trend for each day of the week.

Just to play: this chart is the first one we did for you, in Claremont; Empire Furniture (is the location), 12 Bay View Terrace.

(Call out to David Johns and the team there - they let us store our little internet box onsite there).

This is July 2013 and isn't it beautiful?


Today, nine months later, this is what we see. Very different, yet very similar.

That incredible purple peak (Fridays 12 - 1pm) has obediently risen, in shape, like a soufflé.

Everything else has retained it's reasonable form. Thursdays, though, have experienced an after 5 jump (and this may just be due to the Pop-up Festival. We'll come back next month to see - right?).


But let's cross the street to the Claremont Quarter Shopping Centre.

On the ouside of the centre near Mecca Cosmetica we installed a second counter (again, with the kind help of the Claremont business community in the form of Darren McHugh, Sean Duffin and Hawaiian, the friendly property group).

Here the foot traffic profile is very different. Less people overall (to Empire's counter) but a real wild Sunday.

Again we see that green mountain.


Above: The first month of counting for us, September 2013.

Below: The most recent month: March 2014