I'm Not A Dobber

But it's pretty bad when the disabled and baby change room/toilet in the shopping centre - the only one - has no lock on its door. 

It's missing - stolen or broken off.

No one 'owns' this centre - it's strata titled, meaning it's managed by a co-op. These things happen but can be solved in under 2 hours.

This is a safety as well as an etiquette concern. It's also illegal, if I'm being nasty, under (probably) the local health code and (definitely) under the Strata Titles Act 1985.  

The door is badly 'patched' with ply and has the type of messages on it that really freak shoppers out so I don't think the cleaner-management-repair system is working well.

Who cares? Me sometimes.

A Beautiful City solves.