A Wheelchair, A Shopfront And A Beautiful Shop

I'm quite digging this phone shop in Leederville. 

Having worked with these landlords before I know they would have insisted on a thoughtful - and professional - fit out. Which it looks like.  

A bit weird that last night's newspaper is still at the stoop. And I'm unsure if a step without a ramp complements accessibility laws - but perhaps a wheelchair can get up there? (Not an electric one, actually.)

What business is it of mine? None, maybe.  

I know these landlords have done a lot in the interests of Leederville and perhaps flooding is an issue.  

I don't want to cause a fight. Just noticing.  

I support reasonable development and hate to impose costs that stymie common sense.  

Over to you. 

Yeah, but if I'm being fussy I would ensure my staff always check the shopfront before opening and during the day.