This Is The Face Of Modern Development

Probably. Three or four stories; some beautiful design details - that ironwork over the fire services is an instant classic - the tree and bench bit is new and the external lighting of the rusted girders is too. The developer has even spent a fortune on that brass wraparound. Good. 

The shopfronts are concrete, aluminium and bullet proof glass. Very weirdly, wheelchair access seems impossible on 2 of the shops without further development, which I thought wasn't even legal. 

That said, I adore raised shopfronts, with steps - or 'stoops' as I probably incorrectly call them. 

Next door are some old classic shopfronts (not in photo) that you should rush down and see. 

No one asked for a review but here 'tis. Floor plates must be taller; shopfronts more distinct and window treatments better. 

A Beautiful City