This Is A Californian Bungalow

Perth's inner-north suburbs have a bunch of these.  

The 'Dale Alcock' of their day, probably. We always fall in love with architecture if the story is right; it's not a matter of design per se.  

With care, architecture's story is displayed. The places receiving the care gain value. Ergo: 'just care' rather than demolish. 



And across the road is what we call 'Federation' - the design-of-the-day around 1900, when Australia's disparate states made a nation. How jolly.  

And guess what? They're directly opposite each other in the same street. 

This is struck out on the principal of 'inconsistent street character' in many places but we see - if the care is there - that love is all around. 

And that's what makes a street work well.  

As home builders we must demonstrate our care. As city managers we must curate care. This is not always by 'preserving street character'.

God bless.