Do Something Or Get Out Of The Way!

Len Kosova, City of Vincent CEO, said this in a recent meeting with me. I like it. We were talking about increased investment in Oxford Street Leederville.

Lovers of Leederville will have noticed a vibrancy about the place that exceeds other mainstreets.

When I measure a mainstreet I'm looking for:

  • Community development.
  • Design.
  • Accessibility/walkability.
  • The retail ecology.

Community development is an outcome of a good retail ecology and that is a result of a brilliantly designed pedestrian realm.

A Beautiful City promotes community development via economic development and this can be easily done via effective place management in our retail mainstreets.

The retail ecology incubates then influences community participation so local governments are right to be concerned with the retail mix in their mainstreets.

But getting back to Len, we were talking about the distinct design choices enabled in the last year (2 years?) such as:

  • Permanent fairy lights in the trees (not just up for the festive season).
  • Fixed school chairs (seen in photo).
  • Increased wall art.

Leederville has maintained its footfall and a nearly 100% occupancy rate. Visible place management is a message to landlords, retailers and customers that our economy matters. In discussing the politics that enabled these place management features to appear, Len said the city enables people to improve design in their mainstreet and that the city's job is to "Do something or get out of the way".


Above: Len Kosova, CEO of City of Vincent - revolutionising Local Government.