City of Armadale People Counting project underway!

Armadale retail area - courtesy Google Earth.

Armadale retail area - courtesy Google Earth.

So happy to announce that a variety of authorities have now signed off to enable an A Beautiful City sensor to read footfall in Armadale's beautiful Jull Street Mall.

Project leaders in the City of Armadale are initiating a range of local changes to trigger higher community footfall. In the vicinity is Armadale Central Shopping Centre, Armadale City Shopping Centre, the enormous and new civic offices and a large green zone on Jull Street that houses the various hawkers markets, playgrounds and open space for kiddies and us all.

Authorities involved in this project are the Anglican Diocese of Perth and we are grateful that they are offering their retail building for the installation of the small sensor. Their managing agents, Burgess Rawson, have also been gracious in supporting this project.

Project leader is City of Armadale and A Beautiful City. Wish us luck as we endeavour to reach final approvals from other stakeholders in the vicinity before installing a body heat sensor that gives footfall to retailers, landlords, the local authority and the community.

If the plan works we'll be recording from the end of October and expect over 800,000 people per year. The overall network of people counters supported by A Beautiful City and local governments in Perth now analyses over 15,000,000 pedestrian movements per year and this gives long term dashboards to assist with local area budgeting.