This Week In The Wilds Of Perth

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Victoria Park

Calvin is a Malaysian-Australian running his first business. He is more interested in community development than his own bottom line. Perfect. We need retailers who are in it for humanity. The Town of Vic park has recently completed a parklet project in front of his shop. Why? Calvin is the agent for community development and the parklet facilitates dwell-time, incidental contact, walkability and traffic calming. All community development happens through our retailers. Thank you Calvin.


"We've had a great Xmas" beams the gorgeous Anne Day (left) of The Lane Bookshop in Old Theatre Lane.  She shows me the pictures of celebrities lauding her beautiful store. Should we start a collective of local book shops? Like frogs, they indicate the health and diversity of a place.

Below: It doesn't get better than this. Astonishing Old Theatre Lane

Below: This is Bay View Terrace, Claremont. Pretty isn't it?

North Fremantle

Hamish Fleming started Flipside and revolutionised burgers for Perth. Smart fella then opened Mrs Browns (small bar) right next door. Then he bought the Matilda Antiques building and now we have a restaurant at that building, on the park. He saw the potential in North Fremantle. Good chap.


"Leederville is so vibrant today. All the restaurants are full."

Mount Lawley

"Mt Lawley's on fire."

Below: See this? This is one of thousands-of front-doors surrounding Mt Lawley and probably frequenting Beaufort St. for their essential services. Behind this door is a person. And they will know what's missing from our mainstreet. This is just one of the many flats near the beautiful Beaufort Street Mt Lawley and inside is an answer to 'the vibrant Mainstreet' problem.


High St West End, Freo. The Fremantle BID and the West End Traders facilitated the up-lighting, and the once-burnt-down labour-of-love National Hotel is back on its feet (five years later) thanks to that landlord - with High Street tables (a first). Business sold by Graeme Clarke of Burgess Rawson.

Below: This is Craig Olde of CBRE retail leasing. You may think it's unusual that he's having a gentle cycle in Fremantle when in 2 hours he has to be on St Georges Tce murdering small animals, but Craig and his beloved wife live here and this is their mode of transport. He tells me the improved bicycle infrastructure has meant their bicycle journeys have massively increased. I think we should get him on to A Beautiful City TV to get the low-down retail leasing in the city. Oh - and online shopping? He says he browses online to then buy in a local store. Opposite of many. So good.

West Perth

'A Building' in West Perth - um... pretty new. It's got some stuff going on there - residential on the upper levels? That's good. That means you can jump out. That's not good, but isn't it lovely that the state government now allows us to build them that way? Normally you have to fuse all the windows shut.


Golly, Napoleon Street's pretty. Cottesloe.

Mosman Park

I like this: it's 11pm and it's closed, but they've left their tables and chairs outside. Good. Glyde St Mosman Park