How To Attract More Lovers To Your Economy

I remember Councillor Pemberton remarked of her trip to the Project for Public Spaces seminars in New York that 'creating places where romance can occur is a good indicator of success', or something to that effect, and I hope she doesn't mind that I paraphrase from memory.

You know, that's true.

And that's probably all that needs to be said about that.

Other than:

  1. Walkabilty / accessibility: A large network of wander-able streets is paramount. Therefore: we need excellent quality public spaces - let's say footpaths and interesting lighting, to start.
  2. Business selection: simultaneously easy, and hard. Easy to try, hard to see through to the end. But try. An independent restaurant run by someone with a passion for humans (sounds corny, but it's simple and true) is better than Hooters. Does your Town Planning Scheme differentiate between these two types of restaurants? Sorry, but Hooters are looking*.

Why are lovers in the economy important?

Like frogs in your backyard, they are a great example of the vitality within your retail ecology.

How to attract more lovers to your backyard:

a) Connect places. Simple, hey? But if one street is cut off from another because of a connection that is dark or dead, then connect it to get triple the benefit: three streets will become one. Yay-ee-yay.

b) Beauty. Surprising, but beauty is not subjective. Discriminate and make your 'places for people' pretty. That is: streets, laneways, businesses, shopfronts. Make a call.



Above: You will not see this at Hooters.

Ginos, 1 South Terrace, Fremantle, Australia.


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