Real Estate Agent Recognises Role Of Merchants In Their Community

We are used to our real estate agents promoting their involvement in the community with contributions to remote charities and sausage sizzles in the park. That's annoying.

They are in the driving seat of all the land transactions in your community so they are in a great position to comment on the trends in community vitality. These are inextricably linked to tenant arrears, land values, the availabability of finance, investor sentiment and retail trade.

If they can see trends coming or sentiment changing they can forewarn us. These things matter. With their data and our conceptualisation we can mitigate dereliction and keep vitality flourishing. Because vitality is not guaranteed - a diverse range of vendors on our street is imperative for social development and a sustainable economy, so we must aggravate for '1%-efforts' within every place on our mainstreet.

Beaufort Realty has a cute little shop Street, and on their frontage they identify with the local retailers and their overall contribution to community vitality.

“Beaufort Street is amazing. I always say - live within walking distance of here. The feel of the area is unique and that can be seen in the diversity of vendors along the strip”
— Pam Herron, Beaufort Street Realty

Real Estate agents spend more time than you or me discussing the value of your community with incoming residents, retailers, and the landlords who fund them, and so have a wealth of knowledge and skills valuable to business district management. They may not know that though.

Above and below: Beaufort Realty, 580 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley, Australia.

Above: Beaufort Street does funny things to you.