A Message For The Good Retailers Of Albany Highway

Albany Highway is a 3.5 kilometre strip covering the suburbs of Victoria Park, East Victoria Park and St. James in Perth, Australia.

The Town of Victoria Park provides statistics to the retailers of Albany Highway for business planning.

For example, October's report tells us that footfall has increased 25.76% year-on-year so far.



In the Pink: East Victoria footfall up 25.76%.

And each precinct has a different hourly pattern.

Here we see purple lines denoting a big Friday evening in East Victoria Park.

And Sunday is the quietest day in Victoria Park (yellow).

Download the reports and book your meeting to discuss how people counting sensors are informing business decisions.

A Beautiful City people counting forms part of the Albany Highway Activation strategy by the Town of Victoria Park. It includes the addition of parklets in front of cafes; public art; events; community engagement and business liaison.

Click on the logo below to download the Albany Highway Activation strategy update sheet.

A Beautiful City counts people for over 2,00 retailers, landlords government officers across 11 mainstreets.  Get better at town centre management, retail leasing and planning by making an enquiry today.

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