A big success for Kardinya Park Shopping Centre

A Beautiful City client Kardinya Park has just completed their first month of intensive marketing and here are the results.

Total budget under $3000...

Halloween marketing by Helayna from Under The Sun, Kardinya. 

Halloween marketing by Helayna from Under The Sun, Kardinya. 

- Growing Facebook Likes to 681.

- Enrolling tenants into centre marketing with marketing meetings in-store, and by email with national tenants.

- Increasing tenants' exposure and enrolment by cross publishing their own Facebook posts and photos to Kardinya Park’s FB page.

- Increasing customer awareness of the centre and the tenants with in-store photos.

- Maintaining a professional face with an updated website including tenant photos and regular website maintenance.

Yes, there was a Koala in Norm Wrightson's Hairway!

Yes, there was a Koala in Norm Wrightson's Hairway!

- Increasing tenant's exposure and enrolment by cross publishing their own Facebook posts and photos to Kardinya Park’s FB page.

- Showing off centre marketing to tenants by explaining our cross promotion of their pages and encouraging them to further share and promote.

- Increasing cooperation between the centre and tenants by cross linking their Facebook pages with ours and being a marketing face of the centre with face-to-face meetings explaining promotions.

- Increasing immediacy between retailers and customers by providing Facebook flyers for retailers to hand out to customers.

National tenants just email their campaigns across for publication on the Kardinya Park FB page and website.

National tenants just email their campaigns across for publication on the Kardinya Park FB page and website.

- Increasing retailer's satisfaction by coordinating free coffee campaign for them to enjoy sharing with their customers.


- Exciting and enrolling tenants with a bigger face-to-face marketing effort – they want more!!

- Overtaking nearby Stockland Riverton in FB Likes – a publicly listed company.

Local friendly tenants are enrolled into digital marketing.

Local friendly tenants are enrolled into digital marketing.

- Engaging customers with tenant and shopping centre photos and private messages – customers have written exclaiming how attentive we’ve been to their needs!


- Beginning a major FB presence that competes with many other Perth centres and creates a template for marketing that tenants love.

Nicholas Takács, A Beautiful City

Artwork commissions in retail areas

A Beautiful City has just contributed to another Kickstarter campaign with this amazing high pressure cutter.

Campaign here

It makes

  • wayfinding signage
  • mural art
  • and business signage

for local government, shopping centres and shops.

There's a big demand for interesting and relevant artwork within retail environments. Shopkeepers are calling out for environments that really compete for their customers attention. 

We expect to have it in our hands in December and can't wait to show you with an artwork commission!

Special deals always offered!

Clients now logging in to read all data - hard copies bye-bye

We have now transitioned so all clients are reading their footfall statistics LIVE off the internet via a network. This is how it works.

We install the sensor to read body heat in your location. We also have a mobile internet solution that's included so heavy wiring and servers are not necessary.

With just electricity and our little system we transmit 100% pedestrian data through the stratosphere for you to logon and capture. Here are some of the screen shots.

Big data from the cloud for your planning and budget needs.

Our website now has a FREE demonstration area showing foot traffic data just as our clients see it.

This cloud based solution is a great milestone because our costs can now be put in to outher projects.

Our clients enjoy 24-hour access and can recall all their data at any time. The range of trends are incredible and include hourly, monthly, weekly and yearly analysis.

Think what you can do with that!

Your login screen.

City of Armadale People Counting project underway!

Armadale retail area - courtesy Google Earth.

Armadale retail area - courtesy Google Earth.

So happy to announce that a variety of authorities have now signed off to enable an A Beautiful City sensor to read footfall in Armadale's beautiful Jull Street Mall.

Project leaders in the City of Armadale are initiating a range of local changes to trigger higher community footfall. In the vicinity is Armadale Central Shopping Centre, Armadale City Shopping Centre, the enormous and new civic offices and a large green zone on Jull Street that houses the various hawkers markets, playgrounds and open space for kiddies and us all.

Authorities involved in this project are the Anglican Diocese of Perth and we are grateful that they are offering their retail building for the installation of the small sensor. Their managing agents, Burgess Rawson, have also been gracious in supporting this project.

Project leader is City of Armadale and A Beautiful City. Wish us luck as we endeavour to reach final approvals from other stakeholders in the vicinity before installing a body heat sensor that gives footfall to retailers, landlords, the local authority and the community.

If the plan works we'll be recording from the end of October and expect over 800,000 people per year. The overall network of people counters supported by A Beautiful City and local governments in Perth now analyses over 15,000,000 pedestrian movements per year and this gives long term dashboards to assist with local area budgeting.

A Beautiful City turns 500 today

No, not 500 days (actually, we're about 853 days old) but today is the day A Beautiful City reached 500 Facebook likes. Yay!

You can celebrate too by sharing the 'A Beautiful City word' among you friends and clients.

We service Local Government, Shopping Centres and Retailers with unique services to attract more visitor traffic to their places. Our clients include the Town of Claremont, The Fremantle BID, Kardinya Park Shopping Centre, Raine Square, the Town of Victoria Park, The City of Armadale, The City of Nedlands, Subiaco Retailers Association, Love in Tokyo, Replants.com, Skin Estetica, Claremont Town Centre, the City of Joondalup, Thomas Meihoffer Jewellery, The Beaufort Street Network, owners of 705 Hay Street Mall, the Swanbourne Village Trust and The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce.

We do this by providing people counting technology, retail planning advice and sound place making and centre management decisions and direction. Thank you to all our clients that have helped us to reach this destination.

Onwards and upwards..!

A Beautiful City


Customers Want A Curated Experience


Jayden Westen owns Compendium Design Store, a curated gift experience and one of the most successful in its class, maintaining a consistent and strict retail ethic over the years that's not only kept the tills ringing but foot traffic high and a line of magazine publishers featuring him in their shoots.

He builds his shopfronts like set design.  

They're scary-good and ever changing and in his own words, "They increase sales."



Increased Footfall Over 2 Years

It's a remarkable story that the Town of Victoria Park has committed to digitally count hourly foot traffic for over two years.

The results are pictorially demonstrated and, fortunately, show demonstrative and constant year-on-year growth in the most important places.

Every town manager looking to increase visitor traffic must have discrete and 'identity free' technology in their places to give overall health checks and therefore informed decisions and better place planning. 

Their investment of under $20,000 has given confidence. Retailers are happy; investment confidence rises; and future collaborative projects between the Town and the community are underway. 

Rises in footfall are a beautiful thing and you can get started today. 

12.72% increase yoy, proved over 12 months. Click to view.